Gosse Theory? Take 15,721

Jumping the ban wagon of the jewish blogs, I feel compelled to discuss Gosse Theory. GH believes it to be totally irrational and a copout. Gil, on the other hand, simply says, “Could be.” I have to side with Gil. I may be mistaken, but I think the point Gil is making is that it really does not matter. In other words, does understanding Bereishis 100% really make a difference whether you’re going to put on tefillin tomorrow? No. So, let it slide. Gosse Theory, like any other theory is merely trying to find a way to temoporarily alleviate any hashkafa/emunah problems one may have. Granted, you may be bothered later on, such as next year, but until that time, go do some chesed. Make yourself useful.


Sick of Slifkin

I'm so sick of every blog discussing Slifkin. Face it, its over. It appears as if some people's entire lives and purpose is to discuss the issue. Even for those against the ban, they should be indebted to our great kanoim; if it wasn't for them, our lives would be boring. Shkoyach!

Refusing the Truth

Often times, "truth-seekers" become infuriated when gedolim seemingly refuse to accept scientific evidence. If its a fait accompli, how can they just turn away from the truth?
However, there is a flaw in these "truth-seekers" belief. For many jews, the Torah, as True as it is, is not meant to explain the world, from a scientific point of view. Rather, it teaches us whatever we need to know to become an Am Kadosh, an Ohr Lagoyim, not historians. Therefore, when a gadol seemingly does not acknowledge the age of the earth, he is not saying 100% that science is wrong, rather its irrelavant. That would explain why rabbis won't preach to their congregants certain facts/opinions, as they inhibit one's spiritual growth.

Please, have some rachmanus on our leaders, and be dan l'kaf zchus.


As the description of my blog explains, this new blog (#634,543,788 in the jewish-blog-sphere) will seek to rectify any machlokes within the jewish-blog-sphere (j-b-s). Let us all pray that HaShem should be marbeh shalom b'yisrael. "Oseh Shalom bimromav, hu yaaseh shalom aleinu, v'al kal yisrael."